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An illustrative media studio striving for the perfect balance between creativity and functionality

This is your brain when you experience beautiful art

And this is your stress levels decreasing

when your ideas are represented correctly down to the finest details

Our Team Has Worked With


Daily Stoic

Service Scape

Microsoft Research

Sales Funnel Professor


QZ Tray


Featured Projects

Illustrations narrating the history of philosophy for Lives of the Stoics

Design and illustrations to support education and growth with TEDxAlgomaU

Animation and motion design to explain the software and technology concepts of QZ Tray

Meet the Team

Our studio is intentionally comprised of both engineers and creatives to orchestrate a unique overlap between artistic mastery and technical expertise on every project.

Josiah Ati

CEO | Technical Director

Rebecca Noel Ati

Lead Illustrator | Creative Director

Anna Mironenko

Senior Illustrator

Diana Egay


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Address : 2232 Dell Range Blvd., Suite 245 - 3176 Cheyenne, WY 82009 United States

Phone : +1 (208) 963-5448

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